A Four-Day Journey Through Sydney and New South Wales

This article originally appeared on VICE USA
Photo: Sam Wilson

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Welcome to Sydney, Australia, the land of Vegemite and vast beaches. You’ve landed just in time for the annual arts and culture extravaganza that is Vivid Sydney, May 24th – June 15th 2019. To paraphrase Aussie icon Kath Day-Knight, this 23-day festival of light, music and ideas will take you into the nooks and unexplored crannies of the city but there is also plenty of culcha to soak up in the state of New South Wales while you’re here. Having grown up in this beautiful part of the world and consumed at least 3000 sausage rolls in my lifetime, I am appointing myself as your tour guide for this trip. I hope you slept like a baby and filled up on tasty treats during your Qantas flight, because you’ve got a busy few days ahead.

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Why Tasmania Should Be On Your Travel Bucket List

This article originally appeared on JONES Magazine
Photo: Simon Upton 

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On a 30-degree day in Sydney, the JONES fashion team packed up their winter woollies and jumped on a plane to Australia’s only island state, Tasmania. Historic grazing properties, bushlands and refreshingly cool temperatures were there to greet them when they landed in Launceston.

The team was in town to shoot The Great Escape (see the full spread on page 98 of the winter issue) in the pristine wilderness of Tasmania. In between takes, they discovered that there is so much more to Tasmania than just the breathtaking scenery. Make the most of your next trip to Tassie with the team’s top travel tips.

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Meet Suzi Leenaars, the Oddball Model Messing With Our Feeds

This article originally appeared on i-D Asia and UK
Photo: Daniel King 

The first thing that strikes you about model Suzi Leenaars — her digital presence at least — is her subversive sense of humour. Her Instagram is a visual tribute to life’s stranger moments, like a kid lying in a supermarket with a plunger on his face or a couple with their absurdly personalised luggage. And, of course, there’s also a healthy dose of toilet humour. “Instagram for me is just a kind of diary rather than a portfolio,” Suzi tells us. “As a model you’re always seen through other people’s lens so it’s nice to show my point of view.”

It’s a refreshingly alternative perspective compared to the hyper-curated lives that we’re used to seeing online. But that doesn’t mean the Sydney-born, London-based model is trying to comment on narcissism or self-branding. “I just share the things that I like, that’s all there is to it, really,” she explains. “My favourite thing to do, especially in a new city, is to just walk around alone and go to the supermarket and look at things.”

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Maddy Madden on ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ and Representation

This article originally appeared on doingbird Magazine
Photo: Max Doyle 

You can learn a lot about a person from their favourite television show. Madeleine Madden’s is RuPaul’s Drag Race—a ridiculous, beautiful, important, and fucking hilarious mess of a show. “A lot of people on that show have experienced extreme trauma and are turning that into art, and turning themselves into art,” Madden says. “That’s something that I love to see, and hope to do as well.”

Whether she knows it or not, Madden has been doing this for years. The healing power of storytelling is the invisible driving force behind her acting and her activism. At the typically awkward age of 13, when the biggest challenge facing most kids is figuring out which flavour of Impulse body spray represents their personality best, Madden asked the entire Nation to close the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people. Her message was broadcast on free to air television by GenerationOne as part of a campaign to achieve parity for Indigenous Australians.

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Why Are Australians Obsessed with Tourist Merch?

This article originally appeared on i-D Magazine.
Photo: Chloe Hill

One of the most embarrassing moments of my life centres on a dress that I bought in Bali. Me: a seven-year-old girl with a frangipani behind her ear and the world at her feet. The dress: a pink denim mini covered in white hibiscus flowers. I wore it on my flight home from Australia’s favourite holiday destination, Kuta Beach. On the plane, an air hostess spilled a flute of Champagne all over it and I was forced to wear a blanket for the rest of the flight.

Even after this experience, my Bali dress remained special to me. It reminded me of happier times and showed my peers that I was a well-travelled woman. This appreciation for tourist merchandise has stayed with me to this day. My wardrobe is mostly made up of novelty t-shirts and tropical prints. Some of these souvenirs come from far-off places like Japan or Hawaii, while others were sourced much closer to home — Koala t-shirts, Ken Done prints and ‘Sydney, Australia’ hoodies.

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