Q&A: Paloma Elsesser

This article originally appeared in Oyster Magazine.
Photo: Zara Mirkin

Paloma Elsesser is living her best life, modelling, writing and sharing ideas out of New York City. Sister to skater Sage Elsesser, she grew up in a spiritual and staunchly anti-Republican family and has taken all of the good values/ideas into her adult life. When she’s not promoting body-positivity for brands like Lonely and Nike, she’s acting as a relatable voice for women’s rights and being a legend on the internet. See evidence of the latter below.

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Romance Was Born and Linda Jackson: An Australian Love Story

This article originally appeared in Oyster Magazine issue #107.
Photo: Bowen Arico

During the making of this issue we’ve talked to a lot of people about what romance means to them and, unsurprisingly, most have told us it has nothing to do with romantic love. Not to deny the artistic power of masterworks like You’ve Got Mail and Love Actually, but the best love stories often have nothing to do with finding your soulmate. This sentiment couldn’t hold truer for a label that was founded on romantic ideals and has grown to represent so much more.

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